Above photos by Tyler Phenes.

Above photos by Tyler Phenes.

I never intended to be a photographer.

For years, I spent every bit of my free time passionately making photos. And amidst the excitement and discovery of my growing love for photography, I hardly recognized what was happening. Somewhere in-between long drives, hundreds of rolls of film and a few lucky breaks, this passion had become my profession. 

Since then I've had the privilege of having my images featured in numerous international advertising campaigns, high-circulation magazines and on the home pages of some of the world's most valued brands. Now, 12 years after first picking up an old 35mm film camera, I'm extremely grateful to spend my days working with some of my favorite companies as a freelance commercial photographer specializing in lifestyle, travel, interiors, food and portraiture.

I would love to meet you. Better yet, let's make something beautiful together.
Send me an email at hi@patrickmichaelchin.com and say hello.

When I'm not traveling for work, I can be found at home in Winter Park, Florida with my lovely wife, Kimberly, my sweet daughter, Harper Rae, and my little son, Ansel Edward.

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